1. Definitions
    • The “Company” refers to TBC, with offices at, TBC, Company Registration Number: TBC and its website quicktranslations4u.com
    • The “Website”, “Site” refers to Quick Translations 4 U.
    • Services” refers to translation services, interpretation services or any other services that are provided by the company.
    • Client” refers to the customer or person that is instructing the company to provide the services.
  1. Fees
    • The company provides quotes for the translations fees depending on both the length of the course material as well as the deadline required.
    • Deadline of a faster turnaround will incur extra fees.
    • If a client requires the document for a legal purpose, such as to be sworn in front of a Notary or a Solicitor then there will be additional fees for such a service which can be asked for upon request.
  1. Payments
    • All payments shall be made by the client within the agreed payment terms.
    • Unless otherwise specified and agreed in writing, all clients are required to make the payment in full before services are rendered.
    • All payments will appear with the following descriptor: TBC
  1. Cancellations & Refunds
    • A client may cancel a translation assignment in writing before the translator has started working on the job at no additional cost.
    • If work has begun on the translation, then the fees will need to be paid in full unless there has been a prior agreement between the company and the client which states otherwise.
    • Refunds will only be considered for the following reasons:
    • If the translation work has not been delivered within the agreed time frame.
    • If the work delivered differs greatly from the order that was originally placed.
  1. Obligations
    • The website will endeavour to ensure that it provides the client with an adequately qualified translator for the particular assignment.
    • If the service that is provided does not meet the client’s requirements, then the company will asses this query and, if necessary, will have the translated material revised and proof read at no additional cost to the client.
    • Any issues regarding the quality of translations with the client should be raised with the company within 30 days of the company providing the translation.
    • Customers need to be aware that this does not cover the following:
  1. Preferential changes
    • Very minor errors such as typos or omissions which do not have an effect on the overall understanding of the text
    • The customer will endeavour to ensure that they provide the company with full and accurate information regarding the services that have been requested.
    • The client will ensure that they allow reasonable time for the delivery of all translations and Quick Translations 4 U waives any responsibility for any delays which have been made on the client’s part, for example, by not providing all of the accurate information at the time of request.
  1. Confidentiality
    • Both the company and the client shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all of the confidential information, either in oral or written format, remains confidential.
  1. Non-solicitation
    • During the provision of services, and for a period of twelve months after, the client shall not solicit translations or interpreters who have been engaged in the provision of services.
  1. Jurisdiction
    • These terms and conditions and any contracts between the company and the client shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of TBC and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of TBC.
  1. Contact

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